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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Strategic Planning

Leadership is a choice we make every day at Toyota. Over the last four decades,we have redefined leadership within our industry by constantly moving the benchmark of quality, corporate responsibility and best practices. With a comprehensive strategy that is firmly rooted in the Toyota principles of continuous improvement and respect for people.The Production System adhered to the Toyota corporate strategy of cutting waste, listing specific advice such as: “Cut down on the distance that things move throughout the plant.” Another example of this advice, representative of Toyota strategic management and its attitude towards its workforce, is: “Utilise the inherent talent of our workers.” Toyota business strategies include the development of hybrid cars. Part of Toyota strategic planning is developing a premium position in hybrids in tune with present consumer values.Seisei Kato of Toyota summed up a further example of the Toyota leadership model by saying: "Never fail to reward merit, but never let a fault go unremarked." Toyota follows:
 1.Understand the customer's needs and wants.
2.Deliver values.
3. Develop a strategy that drives our vision 
4.Execute to that strategy.
A workplace with high morale and job satisfaction is more likely to produce reliable, high-quality products at affordable prices. Toyota has institutionalised many successful workforce practices.Toyota in particular has done so not only in its own plants but also in supplier plants that were experiencing problems. The Toyota Production System transcends physical and cultural barriers; it can be effective in other countries and cultures, if there is a will to implement it and if necessary conditions are fulfilled.

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